Womanizer Featured on “The Doctor’s” Show March 13,2017

LOS ANGELES—The popular daytime talk show The Doctors presented a segment on its Monday, March 13, show about whether masturbation can help with mild depression and featured two pleasure products—the Womanizer and the Fiera Arouser—for women as part of the discussion.

While the segment discussed masturbation in general for men and omen, Sonia Barta, a dermatologist, noted that 75 percent of women report being unable to reach orgasm through penetration only; and a number of menopausal women report difficulty reaching orgasm at all.

She introduced her colleagues and the studio audience to the Womanizer, which relies on air pressure, and the Fiera, which utilities suction. The Womanizer, she pointed out, conducted tests with menopausal women, 50 percent of whom reported they were able to orgasm in a minute or less with the product.

“If you’re at a party and want to make sure you’re popular, make sure you have one of these in your pocket!” said Dr. Andrew Ordon.

Dr. Travis Stork, a regular on the show, opened the segment by talking about how American society “will always go for a pill” that comes with its own set of side effects. He said while he wouldn’t imply that masturbation is a sure-fire tool to treat depression, it can help improve overall health and attitude.

Mike Dow, a psychotherapist, noted that research shows those who have a healthy relationship and/or a healthy sex life can be beneficial for other areas of life.


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