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Zeus 6 Channel Deluxe Electrosex Power Box VF551

There are lots of types of electro sex toys and they generally work in the same thrilling way. An Electro box will deliver waves of electricity that are safe enough for a human body using simple pads that you place on your intimate areas, or through a variety of toys and accessories that are compatible with electrosex power boxes.

One of the best ways to ensure safety is to use proper electro-sex toys. In other words, any device you use should be specially made to be used for electro sex. Never use random electrical devices – it can be very dangerous! Instead, opt for professional electro sex toys that are specially made with the purpose of sexual stimulation.

Electrosex isn’t actually about inflicting or receiving pain. The lower settings of many electro-sex toys deliver sensations so faint you barely feel a tingle. Once you become comfortable with the sensation, you can experiment and increase those tingles. It should start to feel like a high-powered vibrator and when you become more aroused, the stimulation will feel more intense and firmer. It will feel like it’s penetrating much deeper and can even cause muscle contraction in some cases.

Electrosex toys can be focused on both internal and external pleasure, and for internal it’s always best to start off on the lowest setting – even if you’re a pro.

When you’re ready, you can turn up the voltage. This is when the pleasure might start to feel like it’s bordering on light pain. For some, this intense sensation can sting a little but adds intense pleasure to your play. If you’re enjoying the feeling then crank it up a notch and see how it feels.

This electrosex powerbox comes with 6 outlets that can accommodate up to 12 contact points. It means enormous fun and many different kinds of sensations. You will be able to connect all sensual spots for a truly incredible experience.

This electrosex power box comes with 5 stimulation patterns you can adjust by frequency and width of the pulses. This way, you can create custom sensations you and your partner will enjoy to the fullest. Take your time and experiment at lower intensities. Before you know it you’ll be sliding that dial to max.

Each unit can control a range of different toys and accessories, thus offering a different stimulating experience. Once you’ve gotten used to the stimulations and decided electro play is for you you can start to look for compatible attachments to really get the spark flying, as it were.


  • Do not use an electro stimulation unit if you have heart problems or have a pacemaker fitted.
  • Do not use electrostimulation devices while pregnant.
  • Do not use electrostimulation devices above the waist – electricity should never pass your heart so DO NOT put devices anywhere near your nipples.
  • Do not use electrosex kits when feeling fatigued, dehydrated, undernourished, unwell or not at your best.
  • Do not use electro sex toys on broken or irritated skin.
  • Use a water-based lubricant (with internal attachments) or electro-conductive gel (with external attachments) to increase sensitivity and avoid any skin tenderness.
  • Always ensure that the power is off whilst you’re applying a device to your body (that includes while you’re inserting a dildo or butt plug).
  • Remove all jewellery before you begin experimenting.

Included in this kit are an accupoint detecting pen, 6 sets of output wires, 2 self-adhesive conductive pads, 10 reusable conductive rubber pads, 3 elastic bands, a DC 9V adapter, and an instruction manual. The adapter can be made portable with 6C batteries (not included).

Just remember to follow all the guidelines of safe electro sex, follow the manual, and have a great time with this powerful electrosex device.

Zeus 6-Channel Deluxe Power Box Quick Start Guide*

How to Use:

1. First, clean off the areas of the body where you intend to apply contacts. When placing

contacts, be sure to either keep them below the waist or on one side of the body, taking

care that the current won’t be flowing through the heart.

2. Make sure that each of the six channels is OFF by turning the output regulation dials

(above each lead port) counterclockwise until a click is heard. If any channel is still on,

the device will not power on.

3. After this is completed, turn on the timer by turning the timer dial clockwise (up to 70


4. Plug the PowerBox unit into an outlet.

5. Push the power button down to turn on Power Box.

6. Choose a stimulation pattern. First, push down one of the stimulation pattern buttons in

the middle, then adjust the left and right frequency knobs to about midway.

7. Plug an attachment into one of the six lead ports.

8. Apply the contacts to your body.

-The non-adhesive rubber contacts are best applied after rubbing the area with saltwater

or, ideally, with a dab of electro gel. You can get the rubber pad to stick by using either

one of the included elastic bands or a strip of medical tape. The alligator clip leads will

easily hook onto rubber pads.

-The adhesive contacts can be stuck straight to clean skin, and are compatible with the


-You can also use any other compatible Zeus accessories.

9. Start stimulating yourself. At this point, turn the knob above the lead port (or ports)

that you’re using clockwise. It will click and you will feel a slight tingle. From here, try

to find the intensity that works best for you. You may also want to adjust the frequency

knobs to get the ideal stimulation pattern, speed, and intensity.

*Be sure to read the entire product manual and that product users understand all

safety and liability risks before using this or any other Zeus Electrosex products.

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