Trinity 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing AC205
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What is a sex swing?
A sex swing is a harness that suspends one person in the air during sex. It can help couples perform challenging sex positions making your orgasm more intense! Sex swings are great for oral, vaginal and anal sex. Sex swings can benefit by reducing the strain on muscles and joints. For BDSM, sex swings can be used as bondage furniture.

Setting up the sex swing:

  1. Follow the instructions carefully. It’s important that you pay attention when assembling and completing installation to ensure that your sex swing is safe to use. If you install the swing incorrectly, you risk injuring yourself and your partner. If you are unable to install your swing to a wall or ceiling, the free standing sex swing stand may be your better option.
  2. Ensure that any restraints are comfortable and not too tight.
  3. Make sure that you have enough space to set up the sex swing.

Types of Sex Swings

Standard swing

Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Swing

Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing

Trinity 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing AC205

The variety of positions that can be enjoyed with this swing will definitely help spice up your love life. The swing has padded supports for your back, butt/thighs, and feet/calves. The swing also has a torque bar for added support for your wild love making sessions. Extra-wide nylon straps with self-tightening buckles for adjusting for the perfect comfort fit.

Installation is quick and simple and only requires a few common tools (not included). Instructions for installation are included as is the mounting hardware. Please consider the weight-bearing capability of your installation spot.

Compact Door Love Swing AE239

Compact Door Love Swing AE239

Door swing-This simple, compact, and comfortable padded love swing just slips over the top of any doorframe, for multiple position possibilities in a super small package! Fully adjustable, it features two sturdy hand holds and two padded stirrups, which you can use for your feet or your legs. No drilling or installation required! Simply secure the dowel ends over the top of a sturdy, hinged door, and close it tight, being sure to pull on the swing to check that it is secure. Now you are ready to play! Holds up to 300 pounds, and the small size and versatile design makes it perfect for travel!

Frisky DLuxe Entry Love Sling

Sex position sling

STRICT Deluxe Thigh Sling With Wrist Cuffs AE916
STRICT Deluxe Thigh Sling With Wrist Cuffs AE916

This sex sling restrains their ankles with comfortable padded cuffs. Locking buckles allow you to keep them captive while you tease and please them. Adjustable straps wrap around their shoulders and behind their neck to lend support, keeping their legs open wide! Bondage has never been as comfortable as with this positioning aid!

STRICT Deluxe Thigh Sling With Wrist Cuffs AE916

Frisky Do Me Sex Position Support Sling

Body sling

Frisky Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling AE208
Frisky Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling AE208

This 4 point sling is perfect for couples to get up close and personal. By hooking the top straps around his shoulders, and the bottom straps around her thighs, you can enjoy enhanced support and many exciting positions! She will have a feeling of weightlessness as she hangs suspended from her lover. He will be able to control the angle and depth of penetration. Use it face to face, or have her turn around for hot doggie style action. There are two handles attached securely to the shoulder straps, so she can get a good grip on him. Go wild!

Frisky Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Sling AE208

Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups

Easy Toys Pillow & Ankle Cuffs Leg Position Strap – Black

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